Aitcard – Athlone Institute of Technology’s Smartcard

 The aitcard is the official identification card for students and staff at AIT. Your aitcard is multi-functional, in that, it is used for numerous services on campus such as: -

  • Identification
  • Sports Office
  • Photocopying and Printing
  • Library Facilities
  • Access Control.

 Top-up your aitcard

 Using your smartphone, laptop, tablet or pc you can top-up your aitcard here

 Track your aitcard

 You can track your transactions and view your balance

 Photocopying and Printing

 You need your aitcard to use the photocopying and printing facilities at AIT.

 Instructions on using photocopying and printing facilities are available at each device, or call to the Open Access Area and talk to one of the attendants.

 Access Control

 Should you require door access control on your aitcard please see one of the administration staff in your faculty - Engineering and Informatics, Business School and Hospitality.

 Gift Management

 Your parent/guardian can top-up your aitcard from the convenience of their own home/office/smartphone. Log in to the aitcard portal (top-up site) Select the Request Gift option in the transactions and balance screen. Complete the relevant details (the giver name, email address and message, select send invitation) Your parent/guardian will receive an email with a link, that will allow them to top-up your aitcard.

 Lost Cards

 If you have lost, misplaced or had your aitcard stolen, please click here to block your aitcard.

 Should you find your aitcard you can have the card un-blocked at the Card Office.  

 Replacements can be printed at the Card Office. 

 Replacement cards cost €10.